Tuesday, March 1, 2011

just some more hugs

I'm home and what a great homecoming it was. Family and Friends were there to greet me. It was a great day.

Monday, January 10, 2011

so this week has been a blast i am so stoked to be here in dinky town. its the university area and I'm in a singles ward. haha not my cup of tea but its cool. we are having a fun time my comp is e. dalrymlpe don't hurt yourself trying to say it haha but we are having a blast just talking to everyone and teaching the good ol word. hes a ball player so we have a lot to talk about and we are going to find a nice warm place that we can toss the ball around. we are pretty excited. but that's the update right now. I miss my old area of Blaine but I'm doing pretty well here.

so here is this last week i should have got one with e dalrymple but you'll get it next week he is such a cool kid. i am so grateful for him. but so this is mama di she was less active and she came back this is the lady that we would shovel her drive way when she didn't know like at 6 am . she is great. and then the Carlson my favorite family in Blaine and then e. Bair i really miss that kid tell his mom that she has a great son. she will like that. and then this is me. haha as you can see. and then the last one is me and gershome we have been working with them and they are the ones that got married a lil bit ago. so fun times this week

Monday, October 18, 2010

hey mom so the hives are gone. haha yea i do have a pic to show too. haha but yea things are going well the new area it was really crazy at first the past missionaries didn't leave any notes so we didn't really know what to do so we hopped on the bikes and talked to people and went to members houses. but things are go in well for us here. the ward is really fun i like them already it is different then all the other wards I've been to but its good. I've never really been in a suburban area so its a change. there is a good number of youth and they are like mini missionaries they bring their friends to church and activities its great. and the bishop is really cool he has great ideas to help the work.

my comp is e fisher and things are going pretty well. I'm liking it. we work hard and try to be as effective as we can. and he is really good at staying on the ball like i used to be so i can get back into those skills again. so i bet we are going to see good things but whats funny is he goes home a transfer before me so i think i might kill him off but I'm not sure because he can leave or i can leave but i don't really see myself leaving. it would be cool if e. Davis either came here or i went to him but that's a thought.

so the investigators we have a guy named mark nelson and he has been investgating for like 5 years and he is solid but there is a big problem with his dad. he told him he would disown him if he got baptized so thats not working out too well and he says that this cant go on for ever i need to make a decission and he knows whats rigth so i think he is going to talk to his dad. and his dad hasnt talked to him its a really long story. but he is really cool and he has 3 boys and a wife but shes not as on board as we would like so we are working with her. so pray for him and his family.

the zone is great. we have 3 english teams and 3 hmong teams and 2 karen teams and i dont know how we ar egoing to teach with them. haha i dont konw a thing about it. haha but yea its great the work in the hmong work is really great. we are really excited for them. the english teams there is only one teams that we are concerned about.

and e fisher and i are working out together so its good going from e rutter to e fisher with the work out aspect. and man i love e rutter he is a great kid. im glad that we are still close and we meet in the same building. and thats really nice i can se my friends in my old ward so im happy about that.

well i think that about all i have not sure if im leaving things out. but yea im have a great week i like this change a lot of work it will make finishing strong!!

well i hope all is well i love you mom thank you for everything you do.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Hey mom hows it going?! things are going so well right now. this week was such a blast. we have been trying to talk to a lot more people and we have seen a lot of miracles happen from it. we picked up 6 new investigators this week. and we are loving it. 2 really cool ones are co -co and jill, they are chines and they speak a little english but its cool because we have like 3 members that's translate. and this week we taught about who God was so its just like we a reteaching jae heon. and when we went over there i miss him so much man i wish i could see him.

and another really cool thing that happened this week we talk to a lady like 3 weeks ago and she said that we could come back and we went back and we had a lesson with her and 3 of her kids. they we younger and it went so great. we taught a restoration and then at the close of the lesson we asked to kneel in preayer and if she would offer the prayer. and she did and it was amazing then all her kids wanted to say a prayer. and her name is Marche then what was really cool we invited them to the ward b.b.q. and her and her step son came and they just had a blast the son played kick ball he's 15 and loved it and she loved mingling with everyone and then she called her husband and told him how much fun it was and that he missed out. it was so cool . so that was really cool this week

and another thing that went really well that lady that we re-did her back yard. kathy...well we've been going over there every week doing service and we invited her to the bbq and she came and brought a friend and they loved it. she got there and the ward just took her in and we had some one for her to sit with and she talk to them we really didnt do too much and thats how its supposed to be it was awesome. we had 6 non members there and it was so sweet. the ward was like wow thats really cool.

and this week we tried to find a way to win the members heart so we made 200 cookies for the wad and had notes attached about the morom.org website and they just loved them. and they said that the cookies were really great. and i know that your not going to be happy but i left my back pack at another elders apt and my camara was there so i dont have any pic of this week but one. so im sorry.

and then another thing...haha well we were on an exchange in st paul and i was with the newer missionary and he didnt know too much about thier parking lot so he told me to park some where and then in the morning we walked out side and the car was gone. haha cool magic trick huh? haha yea the car was towed and we had to go get it and the church did pay for it they said that has to come from us. and 285 bucks later i got the car back. haha funny huh? yea i know its not but cant do too mucha bout it now. haha so i just laugh. a lot of things happened this week.

oh and i built a bike! its an old road bike but i can't find a single speed wheel for it right now but i found a fixed speed. which means the wheel goes the way i pedal. so if i pedal foreward i go that was if i pedal back wards i go that way. its freakin cool but i want a normal single speed because the fixed speed its as safe but im doing just fine. i love biking. and thats so great to hear about kim i wish i got more pics. but cause i cant look at the vides from this comp. but that is so awesome. i love it and i cant wait to come home and do that with her.

well like i said this week so cool. i loved it i really hope e rutter and i can keep it up. he is helping me out a lot and i bet at times hes gets frustrated because im trying to change things in my missionary life like being positive and a lot more happy but its getting hard for me idk i think having a depressed comp. it does that too you. so im trying and he is really helpful and patient. i hope he knows i love him.

hey do you think i can get some pic. i think that if you send them to me i can just put them on my memory car and then print them out for sure. i want to know how dony is doing in football. is he playing at all? i hope so. and this week i realized how cool its going to be to be a parent and watch my kids play sports and stuff and i appericate so much more then i did before you and dad and my bros and sis that would come to my games because it means a lot . and i am so greatful to be in my family it is the greatest i and mean that i love all of you. thank you mom for being so awesome. i love you


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

well, Thomas Monson is now Baptized. Great highlight of the week. He also said that he had Zone Conference and was able to visit with some old Mission friends who he came out with. He has been out 18 months now so we sent him a pizza to let him know we were thinking of him. He loves serving. He has a great testimony about what he is doing. I hope that you enjoy the pictures this time. I just needed to get these pictures in this week.

Monday, August 16, 2010

well this week was pretty fun as you can see i fulfilled my dream of riding a tandom bike on my mission now i just need to do that while we are actually doing misionary work. haha other pick, im glad to get my bike back and im loving it. and i made sure that i wasnt going to hit the baby ducks i couldn't do that.

but this week was pretty fun we did a lot of running around and we were helping out the other teams in the area . no one to church this week but we are hoping to see a lot more come next week. thank yuo so much for your prayers i hope to hear from you all soon. have a great week.

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